Ice Cream can be Green, too (and not just pistachio)

Ice cream is delicious and may just be the common denominator of happiness across the world, but comes with it’s concerns.

  • The most iconic moment when going out for ice cream is requesting a dozen flavors to try before picking the best one. This means an innocent spoon must go to waste for every taste-worthy flavor. Life is not fair.
  • Ice cream produced from most sources come from unhappy cows. Unhappy cows = unhappy planet. It’s bad for you and the environment.
  • Ice cream in a mason jar is not user-friendly (try it yourself). Metal spoons + ice cream = brainfreeze. And a disposable cup + plastic spoon = waste.
  • The average household discards around 70 disposable cups every year. These cups (like ice cream cups) contribute to water pollution during the manufacturing process when chemicals such as chlorine, chlorine dioxide and reduced sulfides enter waterways, and when they are disposed.
  • 85 percent of the world’s plastic is not recycled - this includes plastic spoons. Most ice cream shop's do not have recycling bins, and even if they do, plastic spoons and paper cups should be rinsed before being thrown in a recycling bin.
  • The ocean contains over 8 million tons of plastic, are in danger of extinction because of their exposure to plastics including plastic spoons and other cutlery.

Luckily, waste-free ice cream consumerism has become increasingly accessible!


Here is a…

Drumroll please…

Reusable metal tasting spoon at Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream.

I should add here that I tried almost every flavor guilt-free when I saw this innovation existed.

Many boutique ice creameries (or is it ice cream parlor?) have started improving the quality of their dairy products. My personal favorite? Picadilly Creamery: the perfect blend of fresh, organic Amish-farm produced dairy and liquid nitrogen, in my old home of Cleveland, Ohio.

Order in a cone. Eat the cone. Produce no trash.* This is probably the most popular zero-waste tip I have shared. Eat a cone because you care about the environment. You can thank me for this tip later. *Remember, you are wiping your ice cream covered face with your handy dandy cotton cloth or handkerchief.

Bonus tip: make your own ice cream! I spent hot summers in Phoenix as a teenager mixing seasonings and fruits into a decade old garage sale-found ice cream maker (my mom was resourceful before it was cool!). The flavor combinations were endless (not necessarily delicious) and the experience was remarkably memorable.







*Why am I not a vegan? Here is a great article about the pros and cons of veganism. I substantially limit my dairy intake, consume dairy from the best sources I can find, and eat meat that comes from (in my opinion) the best places. Leave a comment if you would like to learn more about the meat I eat, and why!