Earth Day ISN’T Over


Earth Day was on Sunday, but I would like to encourage the same enthusiasm that was sprawled all over social media 48 hours ago to fill newsfeeds today.

So, here I am, embarking on my journey to share my development as an environmental advocate for the past decade, and hope that my posts to come resonate in your day to day. I have found encouragement from friends and if it will help our environment - even a little, I will be grateful for your readership.

And I am starting with this simple message - that Earth Day is everyday - because I think it may be the message that aligns every other post that is to come.

My steps to be an environmentalist are simple. My goal is to share this blog with others who are not "environmentalists", but want to infuse simple environmentalism into their lives. Thanks to the contributions of Al Gore, a few documentaries on Netflix, and forward-thinking mentors, my innate passion grew strong at a young age, and I have - no pun intended - sustained my eco-friendly lifestyle for over a decade through low-effort swaps in my diet, shopping habits, and overall lifestyle.

I have compiled recipes for food, skincare to housekeeping, tips for packing and traveling waste-free, natural dupes for otherwise not-so-natural products, and even ways to save money (while saving the environment!). If you aren't sure if making these changes are worth it for you yet, don’t worry. I have practiced environmentalism for years, but also studied the topic in depth while earning my Master's in Public Health from Johns Hopkins - I will share my knowledge about why these lifestyle changes are valuable from an academic perspective.

Now why is Earth Day everyday? Well, (drumroll, please), we live on the Earth everyday. We use its resources, litter it’s land, water and air (I do too!), and enjoy it’s resources. Earth Day may encourage you to go on a hike or plant a garden, but I really hope it encourages people to make long term and incremental change, and ultimately to treat the Earth well everyday. I know it's a process, so I'll be sharing steps along the way to create a lifestyle that is environmentally impactful.


I have lived in 5 states in the past five years, I travel cross-country multiple times a month, and I have a demanding job and personal commitments with family and friends that I don’t want to sacrifice while staying true to my dedication to the planet. Keeping things simple has been the key to my progress over the years, and I hope that is something you can take away from my posts.

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With love,