About Neekta

Hi readers!

I am thrilled to share my blog with all of you! My name is Neekta and I am a self-proclaimed environmentalist. I am just like many of you - I have a busy job, 2 cats, a husband, and plenty of hobbies, but my passion is the environment.

For over a decade, I have led a minimal waste lifestyle, while traveling, moving all over the country, and juggling life. I had the privilege of earning a Master's degree in Environmental Health from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Health in 2014, and interned at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy under the Obama Administration, during which I got to prepare briefings on topics such as public health, energy, and the environment. Here's one that went viral!

Now, I work in tech, live in Boston, and continue to innovate simple recipes, tips, and hacks to live an environmentally-friendly lifestyle. I can't wait to share my ideas and stories with all of you.

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Being more green is simple. Why don't you try it with me? Because, hey, every day is Earth Day on this planet.